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What is A Mother Blessing

Here's the quick and dirty definition: 

While the Baby Shower offers what you need to be materially prepared for having a baby, the Mother Blessing offers what you need to be spiritually prepared for having a baby. 

Day-to-Day life is full of a lot of hustle and bustle. If we don't make the decision to carve out a little ceremony time to mark the transitions and changes, we can often feel "lost in the shuffle." I discuss this more in-depth in this video. 

I really can't think of a bigger life transition than becoming a mother. I also know how isolating and alone those initial days of postpartum can be. The Mother Blessing Ceremony seeks to honor this transition through various rituals that allow a woman to open to the transition happening to her. As she feels supported in this phase, she is more apt to accepting it. 

I share more on the history of the Mother Blessing in my course, as well as various influential rituals from times past. One example that...

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