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Birth Banter: How One Mom Used Homeopathy in Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum


In this interview, I get to speak to Emily Frye, mother of 9 homeschooled kids (!) raised mostly with homeopathy. 

She joins me in this interview to share a bit about the homeopathic remedies she has used in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She has a varied birth background, sprinkled with homebirths, hospital births, birth center births and some miscarriages that she speaks candidly about in this interview.

She also shares a tip on how to help your birth partner support you in labor with homeopathy. If you are the "homeopath" of the family, then you'll want someone else to be able to take the helm while you do the work of birthing your babies and give you the remedies you may need. Emily offers a strategy for doing this that I think is brilliant! 

Here are a few of the topics Emily shares her homeopathic experience on: 

-Afterbirth pains
-What baby and mom get immediately after birth
-Charlie Horses
-Hormonal anger
-Bladder infections
-Blood loss...

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