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Birth Banter: Rebozo Talk with Amanda Rayburg

birth pregnancy rebozo Sep 09, 2018

*For a special Rebozo download, check out the link at the bottom of this blog. 

Recently, I spoke with Amanda Rayburg, LMT, a certified prenatal and postpartum massage therapist, a doula, infant massage instructor and a Rebozo instructor from Buffalo, New York. Check out my interview with her on Rebozos and how they can be used prenatally as well as during birth. Contact her about her services at [email protected] or www.HEAT.Center.   

A Rebozo is a long shawl (usually about 6-9 feet long) that has been used by Mexican Women for both fashion and function for centuries. (Amanda offers some great historical facts in this interview!) 

For pregnancy and labor, the Rebozo is used to keep the pregnant woman comfortable by offering protection, relaxation, and connection to the support partner. The Rebozo is a tool not only for comfort, but one that gives the support partner the confidence to take an active role in the pregnancy and birth of...

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