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What is A Mother Blessing

Here's the quick and dirty definition: 

While the Baby Shower offers what you need to be materially prepared for having a baby, the Mother Blessing offers what you need to be spiritually prepared for having a baby. 

Day-to-Day life is full of a lot of hustle and bustle. If we don't make the decision to carve out a little ceremony time to mark the transitions and changes, we can often feel "lost in the shuffle." I discuss this more in-depth in this video. 

I really can't think of a bigger life transition than becoming a mother. I also know how isolating and alone those initial days of postpartum can be. The Mother Blessing Ceremony seeks to honor this transition through various rituals that allow a woman to open to the transition happening to her. As she feels supported in this phase, she is more apt to accepting it. 

I share more on the history of the Mother Blessing in my course, as well as various influential rituals from times past. One example that...

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The Truth About Affirmations

“The only way to get change is not through the courts or — heaven forbid — the politicians, but through a change of human consciousness and through a change of heart. Only through the arts — music, poetry, dance, painting, writing — "can we really reach each other,”

― Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony

Birth affirmations are no new idea. Most women learn some in their childbirth ed classes or from reading one of many inspiring birth books.

I write this blog to share with you that affirmations only really work after we release our fears around what we are affirming for ourselves first.

In my Natural Childbirth Ed Course, (coming soon), one of the most important classes in the course is the fear work class. (My, doesn’t that sound fun?)

Ha. “Birth isn’t all a picnic.” My 86-year-old grandmother, Dorothy, said this to me once when she was sharing her own birth experiences prior to my first birth. I’ll never forget it....

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