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Independent Natural Birth Classes versus Hospital Birth Classes

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I pulled out all the stops. Even though I was planning a natural birth at home, I still took the hospital birth classes available in my area. I also went on to take two independent childbirth ed courses, but I wanted to get all the information available to me. I also wanted to do a compare and contrast for myself because long before I was pregnant, I started working on my natural birth education certification course. 

It has long been understood that positive birth outcomes are strongly correlated with the attendance of a natural birth course. Midwives and birth workers often recommend their clients take a birth preparedness course, and for good reason. 

My experiences at the hospital birth class I took were pretty uncomfortable. As I was taken with three other pregnant women to where the classes would take place, we were pointed first and foremost to the room where the c-sections take place. It wasn't too...

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