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6 Reasons to Learn More About Homeopathy

I have used herbs and other holistic medicine for entire adult life. I met my husband at a health food store, actually. Homeopathy only recently came into my life, however, about 10 years ago. A friend who introduced me to homeopathy when my son was an infant, and I successfully addressed his first case of croup with homeopathy. I went on to address croup successfully several times, in each of my three children. We're a "croup" family, meaning we seem to have a proclivity towards it, just as some families do with strep, sinus issues or chest infections. I can tell you that after a few rounds of homeopathy per kid, croup stopped being an issue. Any parent who has had croup in their house knows how scary it can be. And the offered options if you end up going to the ER are even more intimating! 

Who Uses Homeopathy? 

Demographically, most people who use homeopathy are well-educated. Parents, moms in particular, make up a large sector. Interestingly, homeopathy also...

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