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Pregnancy, the Flu Shot and Homeopathy: An Interview with Cilla Whatcott

cilla flu Jan 17, 2019

As a birth worker, I can tell you that one of the biggest concerns pregnant women have is whether or not to get the flu shot. 

And if you decide not to get the flu shot, what are your risks? And what do you do if you get the flu? 

Informed consent is important. In this interview, I talk to homeopath, Cilla Whatcott of Family Homeopathy Care about what risks women face in regards to the flu shot, getting the flu, and what alternative measures they can take to address flu prevention and cooping with flu symptoms. 

Topics covered in this interview
-Chronic inflammatory issues in children
-How to help move your child out of an inflammatory response 
-Studies regarding miscarriage associated with the flu vaccine
-Risks associated with getting the flu while pregnant
-What symptoms of the flu you want to mitigate during pregnancy and how to do that with homeopathy
-What your doctor may not be telling you about the flu and how it can be spread

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