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Birth Banter: An Interview with Birth Doula, Rebecca Mercurio


I had the privilege of interviewing the Buffalo-area birth doula, Rebecca Mercurio of Whole Nine Wellness recently to discuss her work as a birth-worker. Rebecca  also offers massage and yoga services in the Buffalo area. Check out her bio, you'll certainly be impressed with the unique training and background that she brings to her offerings. 

Amongst many things, she shared with me how doula work is akin to being a Sherpa, and I was blown away with this meaningful analogy. We dig into her background a bit, and she shares the experience that brought her to doula work, an experience that certainly could have easily turned her away from her currently practice permanently. 

We also delve into her interest in anatomy and how her practice as a massage therapist informs the way she attends birth, and we ended with the three important tips she offers pregnant women, her golden nuggets of wisdom that you do not want to miss! 

This interview is...

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Birth Banter: Doula Talk With Tara Withey

birth tips doula Dec 14, 2018

I had a lot of fun recently when I spoke to Western New York doula, Tara Withey, who has been a doula for 10 years and is the mother of 7 children. 

Tara had so many interesting things to say about being a doula, and she shares these points with the knowledge and wisdom that only come with experience. She clarifies what the role of the doula is (and how this can often be confused by outsiders), how doulas still have a role even when mom chooses an epidural, what her greatest skills as a doula are (this one included a special bonus skill that I cracked up about), and more. Plus, she has some really great advice for new doulas that you won't want to miss!

If you're looking for a down-to-earth doula for your birth, connect with Tara, she offers her doula services at Birthing By Design

Bonus: Tara also shares the three essential tips she offers new moms which you can access here


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