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Receiving the Gifts of Birth: My Third Birth Story

birthing ecstatic birth Apr 06, 2019

What does it mean to RECEIVE the GIFTS of birth? 

I recently was invited to share my third birth story with Sheila Kamara Hay of Ecstatic Birth. It was so amazing to relive one of the most inspired moments of my life. She was particularly interested in hearing me describe a pivotal moment in my birth when my mid-wife made a simple suggestion, that I receive all my gifts, at a pivotal moment, and what transpired was truly life-changing!

Get ready to be inspired! 

Here are some take-aways from the interview: 

  • There is a moment in birth when you can have ANYTHING you want
    It is a moment of transcendence, a connection to all that is... a moment of sacred prayer
  • This ecstatic experience is deeply nourishing and HEALING
  • Receptivity and surrender are key components to receiving the gifts of birth
  • We can open to receiving these gifts in each and every moment... 
  • Honoring our mamas is KEY to baby's health and happiness

I share all in ...

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