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Birth Banter: Mindbody Work for Birth with Dr. Kim D'Eramo


Why is mind-body work so important for preparing for birth?

I recently had the absolute privilege of interviewing Dr. Kim D'Eramo, physician, bestselling author of The MindBody Tool Kit, and founder of the American Institute of Mind Body Medicine. 

In this interview, Dr. Kim shares her own birth experiences, as well as insights into how one can use her techniques of inspired effortless action for birth. As she describes: "Birth is about allowing whatever comes through you and saying "yes" to it." 

Whether you are preparing to give birth to a child, creative project, or new endeavor, Dr. Kim's words are inspiration for creating from fluidity and harmony in a world where so much importance is placed on "efforting," force, and creating out of overwhelm. I hope you find, as I have, that what she shares is a breath of fresh air. 

You will enjoy our discussion which covers topics such as: Embracing the process of birth, postpartum healing, the effects of limiting perspectives, what it means to ask the right questions, and the beautiful words of wisdom that both Dr. Kim and I have learned from our own birth experiences. 

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To find out more about Dr. Kim, her free podcast, her exceptional classes and other offerings, visit her site at She assists clients all over the world to tap into their body’s wisdom and reverse pain, fatigue, anxiety and end disease.

*After watching the interview, if you are interested in hearing Dr. Kim discuss more on how to recognize when you are absorbing information and ideas from others that is not your truth and how to neutralize such information, check out that discussion by clicking the link below: 

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