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Birth Banter: Herbs for Postpartum with Kathryn Cardinal

herbs postpartum care Dec 02, 2018

I recently had the pleasure to talk to herbalist, Kathryn Cardinal from Spring Moon Fertility where she offers health consultations to women. 

We got to talk about herbs for postpartum, what to have on-hand for post-delivery, and common issues that Kathryn has consulted with women regarding. 

Some take-aways that you will enjoy from the interview:

-Why you may want to consider herbs instead of over-the-counter medications
-Common postpartum issues that can be addressed with herbs
-The benefits of working with Kathryn or a specialist rather than going at it alone
-Why warmth is important during postpartum
-Vaginal steaming advice and cautions article from Kathryn

Interested in the 3 Herbal Tips Kathryn offer for postpartum? Download that information here




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