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6 Reasons to Learn More About Homeopathy

I have used herbs and other holistic medicine for entire adult life. I met my husband at a health food store, actually. Homeopathy only recently came into my life, however, about 10 years ago. A friend who introduced me to homeopathy when my son was an infant, and I successfully addressed his first case of croup with homeopathy. I went on to address croup successfully several times, in each of my three children. We're a "croup" family, meaning we seem to have a proclivity towards it, just as some families do with strep, sinus issues or chest infections. I can tell you that after a few rounds of homeopathy per kid, croup stopped being an issue. Any parent who has had croup in their house knows how scary it can be. And the offered options if you end up going to the ER are even more intimating! 

Who Uses Homeopathy? 

Demographically, most people who use homeopathy are well-educated. Parents, moms in particular, make up a large sector. Interestingly, homeopathy also has a known notoriety amongst the elite; celebrities, the rich and famous, are drawn to this medicine. Cindy Crawford, Usain Bolt, Paul McCartney, and of course The Royal Family (who have their own family homeopath), swear emphatically by homeopathy. Homeopath Dana Ullman's book The Homeopathic Revolution describes the attraction this medicine has for the wealthy and well-known who have access to any medicine right at the tip of their fingers, it's an interesting and enlightening read, and it begs the question, if wealthy people with access to any kind of medicine are turning to homeopathy, why should we all be using it? 

The nay-sayers suggest that homeopathy is a placebo and doesn't work. The attacks against homeopathy can be convincing for those who fear being dubbed "the fool," if you're subscribed to the notion that pessimism and doubt "keep you safe" safe, you may have been won over by a timeless marketing campaign used to discredit homeopathy and anything threatening Big Pharma. However, time and again babies and animals are positively affected by homeopathy, proving the placebo effect null and void. I've seen it work on my own infants for colic and constipation, for fleas on my pets, and for parasites and mastitis in my dairy goats numerous times myself. 

Most of the time, people come to homeopathy long after modern medicine or other natural methods have "failed" them. I think this is an essential point to consider. Unlike essential oils, homeopathy is rarely the "gateway drug" for holistic health seekers though. We need to be primed rather than newly converted to alternative medicine, because what is being offered by homeopathy requires a total mind-shift.

What is Homeopathy? 

It is important to note that this medicine has a long history, in fact it has been around for over 200 years. The background and fundamentals alone are mentally stimulating and inspiring for those who are up for it. And what you'll find is that by learning homeopathic theory, you'll actually be accessing a new and profoundly healing way of looking at health, wellness, the human body and what it means to heal. Why? Well because most of us learn the allopathic ways of addressing symptoms which in turn comes with the allopathic way of thinking about medicine, the body and health. In fact, the basic "tenants" of homeopathy, Herings Law of Cures, are often mandatory learning by holistic medical arts students of acupuncture, herbalism, Ayurvedic medicine and more, and allow a "rule of thumb" for assessing progress.  

We're used to thinking of medicine allopathicallyAllopathic medicine aims to address the symptoms of disease by attacking the disease itself, (think: antibiotics). Homeopathy encourages the body (or the vital force) to strengthen and thereby eliminates the root cause of the dis-ease. Basically, Allopathy aligns with "germ-theory" and homeopathy is more about building terrain. (It is important to note that Louis Pasture himself, curator of the Germ Theory, was purportedly  made the statement that “The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything” on his death bed). 

I'll be sharing with you my top reasons for choosing homeopathy as a health modality in this blog. If this intrigues you and you want to learn more, I welcome you to join my upcoming homeopathy study group

What can homeopathy be used for? Well, I haven't found an issue or dis-ease that it cannot be used for. For me personally, I have used it on all kinds of childhood illness such as ear infection, croup, growing pains, strep, rashes, bumps and bruises, puncture wounds and insect bites, menstrual cramps, ailments experienced during births and postpartum, for flu prevention, for my livestock and pets, and so much more. It can be used to address both acute issues and chronic issues like allergies, asthma, and eczema. But more importantly, it can inform our basic relationship with medicine and working with the body to promote health. 

6 Reasons to Learn More About Homeopathy

Besides the myriad reasons above, here are some of my top reasons for choosing homeopathy: 

1.) It's a perfect medicine for MOMS.

Take these scenarios: It's the middle of the night, your toddler starts puking...Your son gets a puncture wound while playing in the yard...Your daughter is bit by a vole while outside...Your athletic husband often comes home from a soccer game or run with a sports injury...You're kids have a proclivity towards getting croup every fall...You acquire a goat that is made terribly (and loudly) distraught whenever it rains...You (the mom who is in charge of the family) are prone to panic attacks...

Any of this sound familiar? Whether it's a sudden emergency or a reoccurring annoyance, having a homeopathy kit at home and knowing how to use it, is a life-saver. I can't tell you how often, in the middle of the night, I've run to get my kit and been grateful to have it. It's especially reassuring for issues that require immediate attention. Even if you're on your way to the ER, it's great to know you've got something you can do and give your kid on the way. 

It's the perfect medicine for moms, because it is the perfect medicine for kids. Kids don't often like the taste of wheatgrass juice, fire cider, or even basic everyday herbal teas. But I've not once, not yet, met a kid who won't take a remedy. It makes life a thousand times easier for moms. And for animals, this is a great attribute as well! In fact, all you have to do is get the remedy on a mucous membrane, I discovered a way to do this with my goats that can be done within minutes. 

(I was one of Joette Calabrese's Mom's with Moxie awhile back, you can check out what I had to say about homeopathy in this interview). 

2.) Homeopathy has no side negative effects.

Homeopathy goes through a process of Potentization, which removes toxicity by diluting the remedy until it is safe. No molecules of the original substance are present. By weakening source material, the remedy is rendered safe. This makes remedies safe for babies, pregnant women, children, and seniors. Often herbs are too strong to be given to infants or too potentially toxic for pregnant women. It is wonderful that homeopathy is an available safe option!

3.) Homeopathy is energy medicine. 

It's a fun past-time of nay-sayers and lovers of allopathy to dismiss the value of homeopathy because there is "no measurable molecular material found" in the remedies. Many claim that homeopathy is "unscientific" for this reason. I beg to differ. Valuing anything based on it's molecular measurement (i.e. what our limited instrumentation can detect) seems astonishingly unscientific to me, actually. Only about 0.0000000000000000000042 percent of the universe contains any matter. (See source here). 

You may not believe me, but maybe you'll listen to Einstein, who stated that "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it." In fact, it has been said that the amount of matter in the universe can fit in the palm of our hands. Therefore, it is a scientific fact that the universe is made mostly of energy. Meaning WE are made mostly of energy. Let's evolve our thinking of medicine to accept that crude material substance isn't the end all be all of medicine, or even what's curative. Doesn't it make sense that if we are mostly energy, then what ails us can be made right by a medicine that's chief attribute is its potenized energetic nature? 

4. Homeopathy is affordable. 

Can I get an amen for this? In a time when many families are priced out of life-saving medical devices (take the Epi-pen, for instance), it's no wonder that homeopathy would seem threatening at a mere $7-$20/remedy. I can't think of a more affordable system of health. Add to that that remedies do not expire, and I'm pretty sure we have a radical system of medicine (a 200-year old system, in fact) that may challenge institutionalized medicine enough to stir campaigns against homeopathy, a system that is driven by pharmaceutical reps (Big Pharma) and billion dollar corporations. In my study group, we'll discuss ways of making remedies even more affordable and you'll have access to a discount from a highly reputable homeopathic pharmacy is extended to anyone taking the course. 

5.) Homeopathy is the people's medicine.

Homeopathy does require a willingness to think about health, medicine and the immune system in a new way. Change is challenging, but for many who have fled from the modern medical system, tried other options to no avail, or who have experienced success with homeopathy already, change is welcomed. With the creation of Joette Calabrese's study groups, it is now fun, easy and inexpensive to learn more about homeopathy. 

Homeopathy use is also on the rise. It's in the birth bags of many midwives, it's officially recognized as medicine in other countries, (and covered by their health care systems), physicians are being trained more and more. 

By joining my study group, you will have have an opportunity to learn more about homeopathy, start using it for yourself and your family immediately, gain access and to several private Facebook groups, knowledge vaults on studies supporting homeopathy, and so much more.

6.) Homeoprophylaxis.

If you're looking to enhance the immune system or protect against threatening diseases, you definitely want to learn about HP or Homeoprophylaxis. This is the use of homeopathic nosodes to educate the immune system so that it recognizes and can mount an appropriate immune response. If you want to learn more about HP, I highly recommend you check out the work of the leading expert in the field, Cilla Whatcott at She has a series of films that discuss immunity and she offers a highly recommended HP program which my children are currently undergoing. 

What are you waiting for? Register for my next study group here.  




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