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Receiving the Gifts of Birth: My Third Birth Story

birthing ecstatic birth Apr 06, 2019

What does it mean to RECEIVE the GIFTS of birth? 

I recently was invited to share my third birth story with Sheila Kamara Hay of Ecstatic Birth. It was so amazing to relive one of the most inspired moments of my life. She was particularly interested in hearing me describe a pivotal moment in my birth when my mid-wife made a simple suggestion, that I receive all my gifts, at a pivotal moment, and what transpired was truly life-changing!

Get ready to be inspired! 

Here are some take-aways from the interview: 

  • There is a moment in birth when you can have ANYTHING you want
    It is a moment of transcendence, a connection to all that is... a moment of sacred prayer
  • This ecstatic experience is deeply nourishing and HEALING
  • Receptivity and surrender are key components to receiving the gifts of birth
  • We can open to receiving these gifts in each and every moment... 
  • Honoring our mamas is KEY to baby's health and happiness

I share all in ...

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Birth Banter: An Interview with Birth Doula, Rebecca Mercurio


I had the privilege of interviewing the Buffalo-area birth doula, Rebecca Mercurio of Whole Nine Wellness recently to discuss her work as a birth-worker. Rebecca  also offers massage and yoga services in the Buffalo area. Check out her bio, you'll certainly be impressed with the unique training and background that she brings to her offerings. 

Amongst many things, she shared with me how doula work is akin to being a Sherpa, and I was blown away with this meaningful analogy. We dig into her background a bit, and she shares the experience that brought her to doula work, an experience that certainly could have easily turned her away from her currently practice permanently. 

We also delve into her interest in anatomy and how her practice as a massage therapist informs the way she attends birth, and we ended with the three important tips she offers pregnant women, her golden nuggets of wisdom that you do not want to miss! 

This interview is...

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Pregnancy, the Flu Shot and Homeopathy: An Interview with Cilla Whatcott

cilla flu Jan 17, 2019

As a birth worker, I can tell you that one of the biggest concerns pregnant women have is whether or not to get the flu shot. 

And if you decide not to get the flu shot, what are your risks? And what do you do if you get the flu? 

Informed consent is important. In this interview, I talk to homeopath, Cilla Whatcott of Family Homeopathy Care about what risks women face in regards to the flu shot, getting the flu, and what alternative measures they can take to address flu prevention and cooping with flu symptoms. 

Topics covered in this interview
-Chronic inflammatory issues in children
-How to help move your child out of an inflammatory response 
-Studies regarding miscarriage associated with the flu vaccine
-Risks associated with getting the flu while pregnant
-What symptoms of the flu you want to mitigate during pregnancy and how to do that with homeopathy
-What your doctor may not be telling you about the flu and how it can be spread

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6 Reasons to Learn More About Homeopathy

I have used herbs and other holistic medicine for entire adult life. I met my husband at a health food store, actually. Homeopathy only recently came into my life, however, about 10 years ago. A friend who introduced me to homeopathy when my son was an infant, and I successfully addressed his first case of croup with homeopathy. I went on to address croup successfully several times, in each of my three children. We're a "croup" family, meaning we seem to have a proclivity towards it, just as some families do with strep, sinus issues or chest infections. I can tell you that after a few rounds of homeopathy per kid, croup stopped being an issue. Any parent who has had croup in their house knows how scary it can be. And the offered options if you end up going to the ER are even more intimating! 

Who Uses Homeopathy? 

Demographically, most people who use homeopathy are well-educated. Parents, moms in particular, make up a large sector. Interestingly, homeopathy also...

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Birth Banter: Mindbody Work for Birth with Dr. Kim D'Eramo


Why is mind-body work so important for preparing for birth?

I recently had the absolute privilege of interviewing Dr. Kim D'Eramo, physician, bestselling author of The MindBody Tool Kit, and founder of the American Institute of Mind Body Medicine. 

In this interview, Dr. Kim shares her own birth experiences, as well as insights into how one can use her techniques of inspired effortless action for birth. As she describes: "Birth is about allowing whatever comes through you and saying "yes" to it." 

Whether you are preparing to give birth to a child, creative project, or new endeavor, Dr. Kim's words are inspiration for creating from fluidity and harmony in a world where so much importance is placed on "efforting," force, and creating out of overwhelm. I hope you find, as I have, that what she shares is a breath of fresh air. 

You will enjoy our discussion which covers topics such as: Embracing the process of birth, postpartum healing, the effects of ...

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Birth Banter: Doula Talk With Tara Withey

birth tips doula Dec 14, 2018

I had a lot of fun recently when I spoke to Western New York doula, Tara Withey, who has been a doula for 10 years and is the mother of 7 children. 

Tara had so many interesting things to say about being a doula, and she shares these points with the knowledge and wisdom that only come with experience. She clarifies what the role of the doula is (and how this can often be confused by outsiders), how doulas still have a role even when mom chooses an epidural, what her greatest skills as a doula are (this one included a special bonus skill that I cracked up about), and more. Plus, she has some really great advice for new doulas that you won't want to miss!

If you're looking for a down-to-earth doula for your birth, connect with Tara, she offers her doula services at Birthing By Design

Bonus: Tara also shares the three essential tips she offers new moms which you can access here


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Birth Banter: Herbs for Postpartum with Kathryn Cardinal

herbs postpartum care Dec 02, 2018

I recently had the pleasure to talk to herbalist, Kathryn Cardinal from Spring Moon Fertility where she offers health consultations to women. 

We got to talk about herbs for postpartum, what to have on-hand for post-delivery, and common issues that Kathryn has consulted with women regarding. 

Some take-aways that you will enjoy from the interview:

-Why you may want to consider herbs instead of over-the-counter medications
-Common postpartum issues that can be addressed with herbs
-The benefits of working with Kathryn or a specialist rather than going at it alone
-Why warmth is important during postpartum
-Vaginal steaming advice and cautions article from Kathryn

Interested in the 3 Herbal Tips Kathryn offer for postpartum? Download that information here



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An Interview with Doula, Angel Kulczyk


I talk with doula, Angel Kulczyk, a doula from the Buffalo, NY area in this interview. She candidly shares her experiences working with women for the past six years. Hear more about what Angel says about the business of being a doula,  especially if you feel disconnected from the “industrial” trends in the birth world, you’ll want to give this interview a listen.

In this interview, we also discuss: 

-Why she inspires to become a Radical Midwife
-What she does to help “dad” be the backbone of labor
-The loving birth environment: Why sexuality is important for birth
-Why she’s going to study in Maine to become a CPM

If you are interested in connecting with Angel, visit her Facebook page here.  

*Want Angel's top three natural birth tips? Access those here


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Birth Banter: How One Mom Used Homeopathy in Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum


In this interview, I get to speak to Emily Frye, mother of 9 homeschooled kids (!) raised mostly with homeopathy. 

She joins me in this interview to share a bit about the homeopathic remedies she has used in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She has a varied birth background, sprinkled with homebirths, hospital births, birth center births and some miscarriages that she speaks candidly about in this interview.

She also shares a tip on how to help your birth partner support you in labor with homeopathy. If you are the "homeopath" of the family, then you'll want someone else to be able to take the helm while you do the work of birthing your babies and give you the remedies you may need. Emily offers a strategy for doing this that I think is brilliant! 

Here are a few of the topics Emily shares her homeopathic experience on: 

-Afterbirth pains
-What baby and mom get immediately after birth
-Charlie Horses
-Hormonal anger
-Bladder infections
-Blood loss...

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Independent Natural Birth Classes versus Hospital Birth Classes

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I pulled out all the stops. Even though I was planning a natural birth at home, I still took the hospital birth classes available in my area. I also went on to take two independent childbirth ed courses, but I wanted to get all the information available to me. I also wanted to do a compare and contrast for myself because long before I was pregnant, I started working on my natural birth education certification course. 

It has long been understood that positive birth outcomes are strongly correlated with the attendance of a natural birth course. Midwives and birth workers often recommend their clients take a birth preparedness course, and for good reason. 

My experiences at the hospital birth class I took were pretty uncomfortable. As I was taken with three other pregnant women to where the classes would take place, we were pointed first and foremost to the room where the c-sections take place. It wasn't too...

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