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In this video, I give you a brief description, plus, I offer you Three Tenants of the Mother Blessing Ceremony that will help guide your next Mother Blessing ceremony. 

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What is a Mother Blessing?

Also known as a "Blessing Way" Ceremony, the Mother Blessing is an honoring the "Mother-to-Be" before she gives birth. Want to learn more & get Courtney's Three Tenants of the Mother Blessing Ceremony? Click below. 

What's Being Offered in My Mother Blessing ecourse?

In this video, I share a syllabus with you. From planning to creating rituals and creating a sacred space, there is so much to cover! Find out more, click below. 

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Someone Special Expecting?

Is there someone special in your life who is having a baby? Want to honor them and the transition they are about to make? This video is your first step!


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