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Already take a childbirth ed course? Add the mind-body mini-course to your birth repertoire!

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Address personal concerns and questions regarding your upcoming birth. Learn more about your herbal and homeopathic birth and pregnancy options. Receive the resources you need to create the birth experience of your dreams.

Perfect for those who

  • Are unable or don't have the time to take a natural birth course
  • Seek personalized one-on-one attention

$50 for a 1-hour consult


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Online Courses

Homestudy courses allow you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of home.

Mother Blessing Course

This course gives you everything you need to plan a Mother Blessing Ceremony. Click title link above to discover more or purchase the course.

Natural Childbirth Education

Not your typical childbirth ed class: This six-week course is dedicated to giving you & your partner hands-on strategies to achieving a Radically Authentic birth experience. Click title link above for more information.

Girl Talk

Coming Soon! A Coming-of-Age class for adolescent girls. Through ritual, creative work, growth exercises, and activities that embrace the Mother-daughter relationship, we celebrate Womanhood in this 6 Week Course. Our final class is a ceremony welcoming the girls to Womanhood. 

The Mind-Body Mini-Course

Want the mind-body tools and fear-release work from the Sacred Blessing curriculum but don't want to take the FULL course? This mind-body intensive was built for YOU! It's the perfect class for anyone who has already been through a traditional natural birth course but needs a little something more in the way of emotional work.



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